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1.0 History and Background

Photo: The General Post Office in 2010
Picture taken by Zamri Salleh (USM)

The General Post Office of Kuala Lumpur (Pejabat Pos Besar Kuala Lumpur) was originally located beside the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It is situated specifically at 384, Jalan Raja, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur. The site of the General Post Office is located at Lot 40, with a size of 2,081 meter square in Section 3, between Jalan Raja, Holland Road and Clarke St. This site was originally owned by Loke Yew, however it was bought over by the state government of Selangor on March 1, 1903.

Photo: This building is attached to Sultan Abdul Samad Building, at Kompleks B
Picture taken by Zamri Salleh (USM)

The General Post Office was built in a period of 1 year and 11 months. Construction of the office started after August 1904 and completed in June 1907. The architect behind this unique building is A. C. Norman, an architect that was attached to the government at that point of time. A. C. Norman was assisted by A. B.Hubback who was the designer of the building. C. E. Spooner, the state engineer at that time recorded in his report on the Public Works Department on the 10th April, 1895 to the government of Selangor that the estimate for construction was $152, 000 and the accommodation promised is for all departments exclusive of the Chinese Secretary, Printing and Police, but inclusive of the Posts and Telegraphs and Sanitary Board.

Upon completion, the structure was first used as the General Post office from 1907 – 1984. However, the function of General Post Office was readapted to Court of Appeal in 1992.

2.0 Timeline

St. George’s Church had undergone through many events since it was built. The events are as follows:




Re-preparation of plans for a new Post Office near the town


Birch's Report on the Land Department


Site for Post Office was confirmed and bought over by the state government of Selangor from initial owner, Loke Yew


New Post Office, Kuala Lumpur


Unsatisfactory progress made up for completion for new Museum. Required when the new Post Offices will be finished


Completion of the new Post Office, Kuala Lumpur


General Post Office, Kuala Lumpur and Administrative Building established


Moved to Dayabumi Complex nearby Central Market.


Operations of the new Post Office begun. It is managed by Pos Malaysia


The original structure of the General Post Office was readapted and transformed into a Court of Appeal

3.0 The Architecture
The General Post Office was designed and built by A.C. Norman assisted by A. B Hubback. The design of this building is greatly influenced by the Northern Indian Moorish architecture or in other words in the style of 'Raj” and is attached to Sultan Abdul Samad Building at Kompleks B.

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